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Why is Hiring So Painful? Part 1 of 4

How many bad hires did you make last year? If you answered more than 0, it cost you too much and required too much of your time. We created Public Safety Answers to combat that very issue.

But who can help it in our current way of hiring? I’ve watched the hiring paradigm change over my 30+ years in business. We’ve gone from time-consuming, labor-intensive cover letters and resumes printed on textured, ecru 20-pound paper to… what exactly? Something you click while eating a peanut butter sandwich?

“Click here to apply” has created havoc for hiring managers everywhere, but especially for companies who don’t have a large department dedicated to filling open roles in their 3-5000 employee population. Or if they do have dedicated resources for it, they’d prefer to put them elsewhere and streamline the process.

The sheer volume of job applicants for a typical open role has increased by 112% in the last 7 years. It’s become so easy to “click here and apply” that the applicants come flooding in, whether qualified or not.

I used to tell my wife I wanted to be that guy who gave that other gal or guy a break, but there were just too many resumes to review… too many phone screens to perform (and schedule!), and too little time to do our day job.

There had to be a better way. I created Public Safety Answers to provide companies with an easy way to screen and analyze applicants. PSA provides a single platform to capture an applicant’s information and resume, determine whether they meet minimum requirements, and conduct an assessment and interview. We can help you change the way you hire. Please see Part 2 of this 4 part series next week or click to learn more about Public Safety Answers.

Happy Hiring

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