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Battalion Chief, City of Phoenix (Retired)


Wes Trayner began his Fire Service career in 1979 as a firefighter with the City of Phoenix, AZ. He became a paramedic and promoted to engineer, Captain, Division Chief, and battalion Chief. During his career he certified as a Hazardous Material Technician, Fire Service Instructor II, Technical Rescue Technician, and Incident Safety Officer and was a charter member of the Department’s FEMA Urban Search and Rescue Team. Career assignments include the Department’s Driver’s Training Officer, Recruit Training Officer, Hazmat Operations Manager, Special Operations Response Officer, Field Incident Technician (Battalion Safety Officer). Wes’s instructional career began in 1982 teaching first aid and CPR, Department Company Training, Hazardous Materials Training, Driver Training, EMT and Fire Science Classes. He taught classes for the Phoenix Fire and Police Departments, America West Airlines, two Community Colleges, and the Arizona State Fire School. Wes began writing promotional exams in 1993 when he wrote the Engineer’s Exam for the City of Phoenix. Through word of mouth, he began writing exams for other departments in the Phoenix area. This began to expand, and he began producing full promotional process for departments ranging from Engineer to Battalion Chief. He currently writes all written exams including Recruit Firefighter, Engineer, and Captain for the City of Phoenix as well as many other departments throughout the State and the Country.


Captain, Gilbert Fire Department

Brendon Trayner started his public safety career 15 years ago as an EMT on an ambulance in Arizona. He then began working as a 911 dispatcher and tactical radio operator for the Phoenix Fire Regional dispatch center. He was hired as a firefighter in Gilbert Arizona where he went on to become a Paramedic, hazardous materials technician, and attended University of Arizona for advanced toxicology in the prehospital setting. Brendon is currently a Captain with the Town of Gilbert and serves on serval committees. He has also been a recruit training officer, health and fitness instructor and teaches special operations throughout Arizona. Brendon has also been an Executive board member for the International Association of Fire Fighters overseeing recruitment and promotional process. Brendon is a published author, he wrote the book “Fire Interview” which released #1 on Amazon and is an Amazon best seller. He is passionate about recruitment and promotional processes and is always seeking to find ways to innovate and make the process better.

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