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The Public Safety Answers Difference

"Bringing Recruitment to the 21st Century"

Get a 360 degree view of all candidates

Cast a Wider Net

Recruit Application and Exams

  • Easy Online application 

  • Validated cognitive and behavioral testing

  • Testing available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.



  • Highly customizable online interviews

  • Client may submit as many questions as desired

  • Client may set whatever time limit they want for applicants to answer interview questions

  • Online interviews allow clients to view up to 8 times more candidates for their first round interviews vs traditional in person interviews.


Diversity Equity & Inclusion

  • Online applications, testing, and interviewing allows candidates deployed, out of state, or other limiting factors to still be considered.

  • Client gets a 360 view of all applicants

  • Broader DE&I is better for the department as well as the community it serves.

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